Welcome to my fairytale! Here live fantasy cute toys, fluffy little friends which will be a cute magical gift for everybody. I create each toy with great love. So, each fluffy friend will bring you a lot of good mood :)
If you want to adopt somebody of my Woolboons please visit my shop. If my shop is empty or you want somebody created especially for you, visit custom oder page :)
Custom order


If you want to adopt little Woolboon please fill this form (click). There you can write me about the important details that you want to see in your Woolboon. After filling this form I will add you to my order list and will create your future fluffy friend till 2-4 weeks (it depends of queue of orders).
When your Woolboon will be created I send you his photos and you can purchase it with PayPal. Custom order costs 135-150usd, worldwide shipping costs 15usd.

Fill free to ask me any questions!

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